The One Thing That May Be Keeping Your Business From Growing And What You Can Do To Change It!

Most entrepreneurs aren't ready for hyper-growth in their business, and most of the time it's simply because they don't have the right mindset. Many either don't really believe they are capable of growing or don't believe that they deserve to grow.

I want to take away those excuses. But it all starts with what you're thinking.

I have a favorite phrase that says "Whatever you want people to think and feel you must be thinking and feeling it first." That means that if you want other people to think that your business is amazing and you offer fantastic products and services and that you are the gift to the marketplace then you have to believe that first.

So my question for you, as we start is...

"What do you think and feel about your business?'

  • How do you feel about your products and services?
  • How do you feel about the people you serve?
  • Do you care about them?
  • Are you concerned with them?
  • Are you in it on a mission or just out for a commission?
  • Are you just out to make money or do you really care about the people that you're serving?

I'm extremely money motivated but I find that if you are starting with the money and not starting with the needs, problems and challenges of the people you serve, they know it. They know it very, very quickly whether they contact you by phone, go to your website, read your materials or they interact with you in person in some way. People can tell. They can tell if you're authentic or synthetic very, very quickly. They know very quickly.

So it starts with your attitude. It starts with the attitude of the people that work in your organization. I don't know how many of you have ever been told in your life to change your attitude but I doubt very seriously that anyone ever defined for you what an attitude was. So I'm going to define it for you here. An attitude is an outer expression of an inner feeling communicated to other people. That means what you're thinking, feeling and experiencing on the inside will come out and will be experienced by other people. They will think and they will pick up on what you're thinking and feeling.

These Two things determine a person's success in life.

One is the thoughts that occupy your mind and two is the people with whom you associate. If you're sitting there saying, "OK JP Maroney what in heck does this have to do with growing our business?" Well, if you're going to get the mindset right, number one you've got to get the thoughts in your mind right but number two you have to be associated with and hanging around the right kind of people. And that includes your cohorts, your partners, your people that are your friends socially and it also includes the people that work for and with you in your business.

I teach something called, "Ten Things to Know about People." One of those ten things to know about people is called, "The Law of Emotional Gravity." The law of emotional gravity states that one negative person can pull down five positive people but five positive people can't pull one negative person up.

If you have people in your personal life and your business you who do not support what you're doing, who do not support the business, the growth potential of the company, then you need to get those kind of people out of your life or at least limit your exposure to them.
It's tough enough to grow a company, much less to set big goals and to begin to think very aggressively in terms of how you can grow your business and then get around someone whether it's an employee or partner or friend or whatever and have them make negative comments and say," are you crazy? Do you really think that's possible?"

I am an extremely, extremely big thinker. Over the years we have sat monster goals. I think in Jim Collins' book, "Built to Last" he talks about big hairy audacious goals. We've done that in our business and I teach people to do that.

The last thing you need is for someone to come along to tell you it's not possible or that you're being unrealistic or that you should be more practical. I believe practical sucks and if you want to be practical, you're going to build a practical or a mediocre business. But if you set big goals and begin to believe that you can do amazing and great things with that business then the sky is the limit.

I've advised entrepreneurs who are struggling to stay afloat with one location and I've helped them suddenly transition in mindset and thinking that this business can't just survive and thrive as a location but we could take this thing statewide or nationwide or regional or have more locations in our town.

Suddenly, they see their business through a new set of eyes and it's so much bigger than originally thought possible.

I spoke to a Harbor City Capital client a while back who has, I think, a very amazing proprietary training process and the way he sells his training. I told him I believe not only does he have the potential to build an information marketing empire, but also have the potential to train other people to be mentors or trainers or coaches utilizing his systems.

I suggested he license that information to create large passive income streams that come from all over the world straight back to him and build an entire publishing empire around that. His mind was blown.

So, whether you're in the information business or you run an automotive services company; Whatever it is that you're doing in that business whether you're keying locks, or whether you're selling training programs, or whether you're in the jewelry business or whether you're in the men's clothing business.

No matter what it is that you're doing you've got to get your mindset right and begin seeing your business through a fresh set of eyes and really understand that it can be, it can be, much larger.