The One Thing We Need To Stop Saying To Biracial Couples

But seriously. Quit it.

"You are going to have the cutest mixed babies!"

That statement is one that YouTube vlogger and host of MTV News Decoded, Franchesca Ramsey, says that she hears too often when people find out that she is in an interracial marriage.

In her latest video, Ramsey, whose husband is white, reveals some of the unintentionally offensive comments that people have said regarding her future children and their interracial family. 

"They're going to have big curly hair, they might have light-blue eyes, hashtag team light skin," Ramsey said sarcastically.

Ramsey points out that these statements make her feel uncomfortable because it reinforces the idea that being partially white makes biracial people more attractive, and in turn suggests that being black is less desirable. 

"How creepy and gross is it to project on to a future child an idea of attractiveness that again is rooted in looking less ethnic or less whatever is somehow more desirable?" Ramsey asks.

In the video, Ramsey interviewed biracial people -- of all ethnic backgrounds, not just black and white -- about their mixed-race experience.

"I'm a biracial person who throughout my entire life has been asked 'what are you' in really condescending way, and it's really infuriating," said one woman. 

Biracial children are just children. Period.

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