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The One Thing You Must Stop Doing This December: A Poem for Holiday Overwhelm

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In December we do a little work
And anticipate a lot of pleasure
And December is the one month of the year
Where I always change what I measure

From January through November
I'm a big believer
In shooting for the stars
(Yes, I'm an overachiever)

But with December's change in energy
It seems to make sense
To adjust my expectations
And stop swinging for every fence

So I pick several areas
In work and in life
To lower my standards
(And lower my strife)

I stop measuring my performance
(What I do and how well I do it)
And take credit for my practice
(That I simply got through it)

In January we can all resume
Working hard, achieving more
We'll go back to our performance standards
And make them even higher than before

But to make your end of 2014
A little easier to get through
Simply give yourself practice credit
For doing what you do!