The One Thing You're Forgetting To Bring To Thanksgiving Dinner

Your host will love you for this.

As a Thanksgiving dinner guest, your job is to simply show up with a brilliant host gift, eat your weight in pumpkin pie, and depart before you fall asleep. Right?

Though you might be planning to saddle up to your host’s house with a nice bottle of red or a homemade pecan pie, there’s actually more you could be doing, and bringing, while the cider’s mulling, turkey’s turkeying, and yams are yamming.

Whether you’re playing hostess or attendee at Thanksgiving this year, the one thing you can count on is the endless amount of leftovers that are always on-hand at the end of the meal.

Like clockwork, at the end of the night, the leftovers are divvied up and you’re sent packing with your host’s valuable food storage containers bearing enough cranberry sauce or popovers to feed you for the week to come. Instead, impress your host and make Thanksgiving less wasteful by bringing your own leftover containers.

This 6-piece set by RubberMaid is <a href=";ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1510250866&amp;sr=1-9&amp;keywords=tupperware+set" target="_blank">$13 on Amazon</a>.
This 6-piece set by RubberMaid is $13 on Amazon.

Bringing your own plastic or glass food containers not only saves your host on clean-up and refrigeration space, but it also allows them to not dole out their own food storage sets because you brought your own.

Ask your host ahead of time if they really need that side of healthy mashed potatoes you were planning to bring. If not, instead of bringing an extra dish they might not need (though wine is almost never a bad thing when you’ve been hosting all day), show up with some handy food storage containers that are a gift to both the hostess and you.

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Best Selling Food Storage Sets on Amazon