The One Thing You're Not Doing To Seriously Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

It makes a BIG difference.

Reducing your carbon footprint is as easy as unplugging devices you have at home that you’re not using.

We address phantom energy on our new episode of “Sustainable Self,” a HuffPost Original series where we explore ways to help the environment. It’s all the energy that’s being drained by the myriad appliances and devices in your home that are still plugged into a socket but turned off.

Always-on appliances ― which includes devices in “sleep” or “standby” mode ― account for 23 percent of the average household’s power consumption. And it costs about $165 per U.S household on average and $19 billion per year.

All you have to do to change that is unplug. Using a power strip is an easy way to unplug numerous devices at once. But that’s not all. In the video above, learn more about phantom energy and how much you’ll save if you unplug.

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