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The One Unchanging Rule of Health

Improve your nutrition. This is the one thing you can always do which is never ill-advised and will always improve your condition.
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If you are not in completely optimum health, no matter what the "illness," symptom or condition is -- from a zit on your face to stress or mood imbalances, weight issues or being tired, feeling your age, or even being diagnosed with a terminal illness --


This is the one thing you can always do which is never ill-advised and will always improve the condition. No matter what the medical intervention is, improving your nutrition is the best "medicine" possible to give your body what it needs to repair.

Most people know more about the their favorite sports team or their favorite celebrity than they do about how their own body works.

The word "doctor" comes from the Latin "docere," which means to teach. But how many doctors have the time or inclination to teach us what we need to know to keep our body healthy?

Did you know there are approximately 60 to 100 trillion cells in the adult body? Every hour approximately 1 billion cells must be replaced.

Start with increasing your protein. Your body needs at least half your body weight in grams of protein (weigh 140? That's 70 grams of protein) and may need twice that amount under severe stress or need to heal. All muscle and tissue is formed out of amino acids from protein. Don't forget seeds, nuts, legumes like lentils and dairy products, as well as meat, poultry and fish.

Eat only complex carbohydrates. This includes vegetables, from certain root veggies to leafy salads, some fruits, and whole grains (brown rice, barley and oats are better than wheat). You can't afford the calories from "white" flour and sugar products, except as a rare treat. White flour and sugar require the body to use nutrients in order to metabolize them, so they rob the body, instead of enhancing it.

Eat at least two tablespoons of fat a day, but only unrefined oils. Unrefined, unprocessed vegetable oils "mobilize" saturated fats from meat and dairy products and help protect the arteries. Omega 3 oils and fish oils may be used, also. Try to use only organic milk and cheese products. Toxins store in fat tissue and have affinity for the fat in dairy foods.

Unrefined walnut, sesame, sunflower and avocado oils can add wonderful flavor to your salads and veggies.

Eat organic food whenever possible. Pesticides are neurotoxins. They attack the nervous system of insects. They also attack the nervous systems of humans. No one has calculated the amount of pesticides and petrochemicals that accumulate in the human body, but we do know that these chemicals are harmful. Your body deserves the very best -- it is a reflection of you.