The Onion Basically Made A Video About Brock Turner 5 Years Ago

"Coach was really not happy with the fact that I had to miss practice because I raped someone."

"Jacob Ross is an All-American, Big 12 athlete, a dedicated student and a fierce competitor," a voice says in the beginning of the video below. "But his greatest achievement came off the court his freshman year when he overcame the trauma of committing a terrible rape."

In a parody video from The Onion, viewers watch as hypothetical basketball star Jacob Ross admits to raping a woman, but manages to summon the emotional strength to play basketball as if nothing happened. The video is a chilling parody of how college athletes who rape or sexually assault women are often not held accountable for their crimes. Many times, their "promising careers" are prioritized above their victims' lives and trauma. 

“Trying to put the rape behind him, Jacob went out the next night and scored a career-high 37 points," the sportscaster's voice-over says in the 30 for 30-style parody.

The video features actor Matt McGorry as one of Ross' fraternity brothers. "Well, we try not to focus on the fact that Jacob raped someone," McGorry's character says. "Of course if he wanted to talk about it, we'd all love to listen." 

Although the video came out in 2011, it perfectly captures the reaction to recent news surrounding former Stanford athlete and student Brock Turner who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman. Turner, who was facing up to 14 years in prison, was sentenced to six months in county jail with three years probation and will likely serve only three of those months. 

"Coach was really not happy with the fact that I had to miss practice because I raped someone," Ross says in the sit-down interview.

But this fictional coach didn't mind that Ross raped a woman. "[Jacob’s] got a quick first step, good outside shot, doesn’t get down on himself after a bad play or when he gets accused of rape," Ross' basketball coach says. 

As Ross says towards the end of the video: “I thought: No way I can make it back after raping someone, but here I am.” No word on how Ross' victim is doing. 



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