The Onion Nails It With Cover Of Satirical Paper's Final Print Edition: 'Print Revenues Up 5,000%'

LOOK: The Cover Of The Onion's Final Print Edition Nails It

The nation's favorite satirical news source The Onion on Thursday released their final print edition and managed to get the last laugh in doing so.

"'ONION' PRINT REVENUES UP 5,000%," proclaimed the lead story of the Chicago-based company's Thursday issue. Other headlines include "Nation Just Prefers Feel Of Newsprint In Hands" and "Experts: Digital Media Revolution Still Another 70 Or 80 Years Away."

The popular paper announced last month it was going all-digital and ending its 25-year print run which had winnowed down to just three cities -- Milwaukee, Providence, R.I. and Chicago -- from the 17 cities the paper was in at its height.

We love print, but it's hard to make money doing it,” Onion President Mike McAvoy told Crain's Chicago Business last month. “It's hard to protect the past. You can't. The world moves too quickly.”

R.I.P. Print Onion, we'll never forget your lovely newsprint residue.

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