The Onion Just Dumped 700 Pages Of Parody Trump Leaks Onto The Internet

When the president's away, The Onion will play.

With President Trump out of the country on “business,” The Onion released a massive collection of leaked information, in the form of emails, memoranda, executive orders and, of course, childlike drawings.

The Trump Documents, as they’re being called, are 700 pages of political parody goodness.

Included in this document dump:

  • Emails from Eric and Donald Trump Jr. concerning the White House treehouse.
  • Emails about dead animals and sewage in Steve Bannon’s office.
  • A sketch of a Pence invention known as the “Prayer Amplifier.”
  • Updates from the EPA administrator on the demolition of his office.
  • Ben Carson getting trapped inside his own emails.
  • A number of the president’s daily briefings.

There is plenty more where that came from, so go check out the rest of The Trump Documents at The Onion.

Hurry, before papa Trump comes home and cancels the satire.



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