'The Onion:' 'No One Murdered Because Of This Image' Satirizes U.S. Embassy Attacks By Islamic Protesters

Satirical news site "The Onion" is stoking some already raging flames with one of its latest headlines.

"No One Murdered Because Of This Image," currently at the top of its front page, features an illustration of Moses, Jesus Christ, Ganesha and Buddha depicted, as the story explains, "engaging in a lascivious sex act of considerable depravity."

Notably absent from the illustration is the Prophet Mohammed, whose depiction in an anti-Islamic film sparked the protest in Libya that took the life of US Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other embassy officials.

"The Onion" has never shied away from sensitive issues, but the laser-guided precision of its satire over the years has given it free reign to mock as it sees fit. But since the recent corporate-mandated move to Chicago shook up the writing and editorial staff, controversies have become more frequent. The paper has come under fire lately for a 9/11-inspired image of a plane flying into Chicago's Willis Tower, and for its August headline story, "Christian Bale Visits Sikh Temple Victims."

Depictions of Mohammed have long been a lightning rod for controversy, with artists occasionally tackling the subject only to find themselves on the receiving end of multiple death threats. In that light, "The Onion" piece is shrewd; it doesn't illustrate or mention the religious figure at all, yet it's entirely about the fervor of his devotees. Unfortunately, the overall image is anything but subtle, and could serve to only heighten tensions. After climbing to the top of Reddit overnight, many users responded with their own versions of the image, with the addition of Mohammed.

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