The Only Cookbook You Ever Need

There's a better way to manage all your random recipes.


Cookbooks have a way of collecting dust in the kitchen. We hold onto them for decades, as if this could be the year we finally tackle that boeuf bourguignon.

We all have our go-to recipes. The rest, says professional organizer Peter Walsh, just create kitchen clutter. To help you decide which books are worth keeping, Walsh shares two easy ideas in the above video. "These are really simple techniques to help you control the number of recipes and the number of cookbooks in your kitchen," he says.

Walsh begins by placing all of his cookbooks into a pile. "And for six months, every time I use a recipe, I put a Post-it note into that cookbook," he says. "At the end of six months, any cookbooks that don't have a Post-it note in them, I ask myself: 'Do I really need them?'"

If the answer is no, toss them in the donation pile.

To cut your cookbook clutter even further, Walsh suggests whittling down your collection to one single, master cookbook. He's made his own recipe book by simply pasting all of his favorite recipes into a large journal with blank pages.

Not only will all of your go-to meals be much easier to find, but a homemade recipe book is much more personal. "I even have recipes here from my grandmother," Walsh says.

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