The Only 'Make America Great' Hat You Really Need This Election

Hats off to Define American for this one!

Voters who are tired of GOP nominee Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and reject the racist undertones in his slogan “Make America Great Again” (more on that here and here) are about to find their perfect election accessory.

Define American, a media and culture organization working to shift the conversation around immigrants and what it means to American, is currently selling a pro-immigrant version of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hat. 

Did we mention it's<a href="" target="_blank">&nbsp;cheaper </a>than T
Did we mention it's cheaper than Trump's version?

In case there were any doubts that the organization wanted to turn Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric on it’s head, the hat’s description is very clearly a parody of how the Republican often speaks: 

This adjustable brim 6 panel hat is the greatest hat, that I can tell you. It’s made in America, that’s how great it is. Look at it, it’s disgusting that there are people walking around without it on their heads, it’s unbelievable, it’s UNbelievable. Tens of thousands of people will want to wear this hat, I guarantee it. You are going to do so much winning in this hat. Over and over and over again, all over the place. You’ll get sick of all the winning you’ll be doing.

It’s not the first time an alternate version of Trump’s hat appears on the market. Chicano civil rights activist Jeronimo Saldaña created a “Make America Mexico Again” hat in April. 

The hats went on sale for a limited time, but the online store selling them is now closed.

 Well, hats off to Define American for creating a new “make america great” cap. 

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