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The Only Way that Progressives Can Win the White House

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If we progressives don't organize now an operation to bring Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, Bernie Sanders, and Alan Grayson, together into a private meeting in order to discuss their respective 2016 Democratic Presidential plans, then there might end up being two or even all four of them competing against one another in 2016 Democratic Presidential primaries, which could cause the Democratic nomination to go to Hillary Clinton by default, even if she has competitors also to her right.

The only way that we'll be able to get a progressive to win the Presidency in 2016 is if we:

(1) all unite, ahead of time, around one-and-only-one of these four proven progressives well before the primaries start; and,

(2) get Bernie Sanders to agree not to run in the general election against the Democratic and the Republican nominees (i.e., not to be another "Nader" in 2016).

How can both of these objectives be attained? Only if Democratic progressives engineer it -- which means:

We Democratic progressives need to hold, in effect, a pre-Democratic-primary "convention" amongst ourselves in order to commit ALL progressive Democratic organizations, ahead of time, to one-and-the-same one of these four progressive politicians for the 2016 race.

We must inform all four of them that we are going to do this, and that we will need the other three (whomever they may be) all to support the one of them that we unite to support as being THE progressive 2016 Presidential candidate, first against Hillary, and then against the Republican (if we beat Hillary).

We need to let each one of these four know that, if he or she declines to agree to this offer from us -- i.e, from all progressive political organizations -- to unite in advance to support one and only one of those four, and all of us to support the same one of those four people, then we will treat that dissenting individual as being hostile toward the supreme goal, of electing a progressive as President in 2016, and we will thenceforward discontinue our support of that dissenting person's political career. People who are serious about wanting a progressive to win the Presidency in 2016 will not support someone who opposes the only practical way to bring this objective about.

We must unite now, before we can unite the country sufficiently to bring a progressive victory in 2016.

Do you agree? If so, then how shall we start?

(If not, then how do you envision a progressive win in 2016?)