The Oracle: Questions and Answers


The photo above is the Oracle at Delphi in the mountains northwest of Athens, Greece. The ruins date from the 8th century BC and in ancient times the priestess of Delphi, Pythia, served as the pre-eminent seer of the ancient world. Generals, kings, and other notables consulted the oracle. The pilgrimage was long and helped prepare the seeker's mind for the answer he sought. While inhaling the vapors that rose from an underground spring to encourage a trance state, Pythia gave her answer. Pythia's answer was often ambiguous and each questioner often heard what they wanted to hear. Alexander the Great asked the question, "Will I conquer the world?" The oracle refused to answer directly and asked him to come later. In a rage, Alexander taking his fate into his own hands, dragged Pythia by the hair from the sanctuary whereupon she proclaimed, "You will be invincible, my son!" That settled the matter. Alexander released the priestess and went off to conquer the world.

Thankfully there have not been such dramatic moments in my practice. If a client calls or emails me a question the answer depends on when I receive the question. The moment must be ripe for an answer. Questions can concern health, travel plans, purchasing a home, moving, scheduling important meetings, relationships or sometimes, choosing a sofa. All valid questions. Sometimes, like the Delphic Oracle, the answer is ambiguous such as "it is too soon to tell," or "too late to do anything about it," or "nothing will happen." When the moment is ripe and the chart for the question is clear it is remarkable how the chart describes the matter and reveals the outcome. Questions should not be asked lightly: "You get out what you put in."

In a lighter vein, I need to give you the answers to the questions I posted in the past two blogs. One was the quiz about Librans and the other about the signs of the kids in my graphic novel, Tree of Keys. No trek to the mountain required.

Here are the answers to the quiz. A ** marks the correct answer.

1.What is the best way to get a Libran in the mood?
a. listen to a favorite song
b. watch a sexy movie
c. romantic dinner and flowers **
d. go to a strip club

2. Which of the following characteristics is Libra least likely to have?
a. sentimentality
b. fairness
c. tact
d. decisiveness **

3. Between the sheets, which of the follow word pairs describes a Libran
a. cool and competent
b. wacky and wild
c. romantic and passionate**
d. sensuous and experimental

4. What is a Libran male most likely to wear after making love?
a. nothing
b. an old T shirt
c. cotton pajamas
d. silk robe **

5. Stranded on a desert island a Libran would
a. negotiate with the natives
b. take command
c. poll the survivors for a plan**
d. have a fit and be incapacitated

6. Libra's element and ruling planet are?
a. Air and Mars
b. Water and Neptune
c. Fire and Saturn
d. Air and Venus**

7. What is the meaning of Libra's symbol: the scales
a. they believe in dieting
b. they go from extreme to extreme to find balance**
c. they weigh their words carefully
d. most Librans are lawyers

8. In dressing to lure a Libran man, you should wear
a. expensive jewelry
b. black tailored suits
c. casual clothes
d. pastel color silk**

9. The taste/food Librans most enjoy is?
a. potato chips
b. almond cookies/marzipan**
c. spicy chili
d. lemonade

10. The part of a woman's body that Libran men are most attracted to is
a. long neck
b. heart shaped face**
c. delicate hands
d. sparkling eyes

And our plucky Astro Heroes? Here they all are


In the first panel, left to right, is RUSTY PEPPER, Aries. Next is SO SO CHANG, Libra, standing next to him is PETRA BERG, Capricorn, and on the far right, LULU MOODI, Cancer.

In the middle panel is REX LEROI, Leo, then SCARLETT MASTERS, Scorpio with TORI GARDNER, Taurus, and far right, ZEKE RAY, Aquarius.

And in the bottom panel FRANK CAVALLO, Sagittarius, RAFI TAOM, Gemini, PRUDENCE PRUIT, Virgo, and MARINA TEKANAWA, Pisces.

I asked the Astrological Oracle how my series Tree of Keys would be received. The answer was: "if you find the right people all will be well." So far I am glad to say the right people have come across my path.

Keep coming.