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The Original Birthday Chart Comparisons

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The sun is now in Libra, the sign of relationships, partnerships, and marriage. What better time to look at who is compatible with whom? Let's leave our stalwart Astro Heroes and focus on the No. 1 question people ask me:

Is He or She the One?

I have often thought that astrologers could put all the dating sites out of business. Comparing the birth charts of two people is called synastry in astrology. And an astrologer can quickly illuminate the relationship dynamic of any two people. Actually the answer to the question is this person, "the one," has many possibilities. Is this a person for a passionate romance, or one for a long stable marriage? Have these two people met before in a past life and now reconnect? Are these two people mortal enemies? All of these different possibilities are revealed in chart comparison. You can also see how to relate to your spouse, lover, boss, friend, or child.

Chart comparisons are not as simple as I don't get along with such and such a sign. In romance you have to consider how the Moon and Venus positions communicate. For work and career the sign of Saturn counts a lot and for pure chemistry, Mars has a lot to offer.

Most people tell me: "I want to meet my soul mate." To clarify this much desired situation let me say that a soul mate is an individual who at one time in a past life was intimately united with another soul and then over the course of time evolved in a different direction and the two souls divided. Actually meeting the person who was so closely tied to you is rare. When most people say they want a soul mate they mean they want to find someone who is compatible with them, someone on their wave length, someone who really gets them. This person is rarely a true soulmate because usually if you find your other half there is not a lot of growth left to develop between you. Everything feels "oh so familiar" and many times people get bored.

The purpose of all relationships is to help the soul grow and that usually means both flow and strife. The most compatible relationships can have lots of fireworks because we feel connected to that person and can't easily pick up and leave. This is true also when relationships are tempestuous and harmful. There is some link that makes it difficult to end the connection.

If this sounds very heavy just recall the best relationship of your life; whether it ended or continued, for that time, it blessed your life. That flow of feeling is vital nourishment to a person. Children must have it to grow and adults must have it to flourish. So we seek... a lot.

And life between the sheets is a strong part of how people get together. I wrote a book about astrology and life between the sheets called the Everything Sex Signs book. This quiz is from my book. It is about Librans as they are the most relationship oriented sign. Take the quiz and next month I will feature Scorpio. Email me your answers at or I will post the answers in the next blog. Keep reading and you will learn about your own sign.


1. What is the best way to get a Libran in the mood?
a. listen to a favorite song
b. watch a sexy movie
c. romantic dinner and flowers
d. go to a strip club
2. Which of the following characteristics is Libra least likely to have?
a. sentimentality
b. fairness
c. tact
d. decisiveness
3. Between the sheets, which of the follow word pairs describes a Libran
a. cool and competent
b. wacky and wild
c. romantic and passionate
d. sensuous and experimental
4. What is a Libran male most likely to wear after making love?
a. nothing
b. an old T shirt
c. cotton pajamas
d. silk robe
5. Stranded on a desert island a Libran would
a. negotiate with the natives
b. take command
c. poll the survivors for a plan
d. have a fit and be incapacitated
6. Libra's element and ruling planet are?
a. Air and Mars
b. Water and Neptune
c. Fire and Saturn
d. Air and Venus
7. What is the meaning of Libra's symbol: the scales
a. they believe in dieting
b. they go from extreme to extreme to find balance
c. they weigh their words carefully
d. most Librans are lawyers
8. In dressing to lure a Libran man, you should wear
a. expensive jewelry
b. black tailored suits
c. casual clothes
d. pastel color silk
9 The taste/food Librans most enjoy is?
a. potato chips
b. almond cookies/marzipan
c. spicy chili
d. lemonade
10. The part of a woman's body that Libran men are most attracted to is
a. long neck
b. heart shaped face
c. delicate hands
d. sparkling eyes