'The Originals' Mid-Season Finale: Klaus Makes Marcel An Offer He Can't Refuse (VIDEO)

Klaus had just regained control of his empire on "The Originals," when he quickly learned that he was ill-prepared to run it. Rather than continue the arrangement with the human leaders of the city, Klaus was defiant. And so, the human council lashed out, killing vampires. Of course, this led Klaus to kill all of them save one. Not a great start.

And so he conceded that maybe Marcel was right. He needed to be better at politics. Or ... he could just have Marcel help him run things. "Rule with me side by side as equals... Friends... Brothers," Klaus offered. Entertainment Weekly's Samantha Highfill wondered if Marcel will stop plotting against his maker now that he's been promoted to co-ruler. Our guess is probably not.

The kinder, gentler Klaus -- this won't last -- even went so far as to open his arms to his family again. After Elijah apologized for doubting Klaus' intentions, Klaus told his older brother that both he and Rebekah were welcome to come back to the family home when they were ready. Hollywood Life's Andy Swift was happy to see the family back together. "At least we can head into 2014 knowing that the Mikaelsons are a little more functional; I was starting to think they’d never be whole again," he wrote.

"The Originals" returns to The CW in January.

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