'The Originals': Marcel Makes A Big Move, Raises The Stakes In His War With Klaus (VIDEO)

There are too many enemies for "The Originals" in New Orleans, and poor Hayley is the target of all of them. Just as Klaus and Elijah had completed their strategy to break the bond between Sophie and Hayley, with a little magical help from Davina, Marcel came calling.

They got the werewolf out of the witches' cauldron only to have her snatched away by the self-proclaimed king of New Orleans. Klaus had been lying about where he and his family were staying, but Marcel managed to track down their true address -- which happened to be the plantation where he was once a slave. With Hayley home alone, he had little trouble snatching her up.

The original vampires got home only in time to find out that their nest was truly empty. E! Online's Tierney Bricker noted that the battle for New Orleans between Marcel and Klaus had been a fair fight to this point, but not anymore. "[Marcel] finally caught on to all of Klaus’s secrets and backstabbing and retaliated in a big way," she wrote.

Series creator Julie Plec told The Hollywood Reporter that Hayley's kidnapping is just the beginning. "This is the episode where the house of cards starts crumbling around Klaus," she promised.

Watch it fall apart on "The Originals," Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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