The Other Entrepreneurs: The No-Nonsense Barbers of the Netherlands

Schorem is an old-school, men-only barbershop in Rotterdam, specializing in traditional haircuts and hot towel razor shaves. Most of its staff members are tattooed, and each has his own slick hairstyle, beard and mustache.

Leen and Bertus, friends for 20 years and barbers for around a quarter of a century, set up Schorem in 2010 as a place where, as well as having a haircut or a shave, men could talk about football and ex-girlfriends, read gentlemen's magazines or just quietly relax.

Their shop has a no appointments system and offers just a limited range of traditional cuts -- 22 in total. A haircut takes between 30 and 45 minutes; a shave around 20 minutes. The only tools its staff members use are scissors: thinning scissors, clippers and straight razors.

"We aren't hairdressers, we're barbers," say Leen and Bertus. "We don't want or have anything to do with hairdressing. We cut and shave men and that's it, no bullshit."

Rotterdam, The Netherlands | Photographer: Anne-Marie Vermaat






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