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Dad Learns To Accept The 'Other Man' Who's Hogging His Wife's Attention... Their Baby

For some dads, having a baby boy can feel like sharing the woman in their lives with another little man. That was the inspiration behind California dad Erik Bogh's hilarious new video.

Titled "The Other Man," the three-minute video shows Bogh, his wife Mary, and their 15-month-old son Ryker on a typical morning at home. They wake up, cuddle in bed, and then dad is sent to change the baby's diaper. However, in Bogh's eyes, Ryker is not actually a baby, but rather a full-grown man with full-grown strength.

The dad told The Huffington Post in an email that the video was inspired by his son's "adult-like strength." Bogh noted that when it comes time to change Ryker's diaper, "he fights tooth and nail during the battle." He added, "I would also say that as a new dad most of my wife's attention has gone to the new man in the house, which is an aspect of this video."

Bogh has experience with videos and short films as an actor and sketch writer, but "The Other Man" is the first project that he's written, directed, and acted in. He credits comedy videos like "Conversations With My 2- Year-Old" and his training at The Groundlings School in Los Angeles for having "opened my eyes to humor in truth and in everyday, mundane things."

Keep 'em coming.

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