Need A Distraction? This Groundbreaking Web Series Is Free For A Limited Time

“It’s now more important than perhaps ever before to have queer stories to relate to."

If you’re never seen one of our favorite queer web series, “The Outs,” you’re in for a special treat ― Vimeo is making the show’s second season available for free during Thanksgiving week.

The first season of “The Outs” debuted four years ago. The second season aired exclusively on Vimeo, but for this week only viewers can watch for free by using the code “turkey” during checkout.

The series focuses on queer people and the complicated relationships that bind them together and creator Adam Goldman emphasizes that it offers LGBTQ people much needed ways to see themselves in the world.

“It’s now more important than perhaps ever before to have queer stories to relate to,” Goldman told The Huffington Post. “It’s easy for me to talk about this, living in Brooklyn and being surrounded by a truly fabulous and diverse community in my early 30’s, but for kids growing up elsewhere, these stories are really necessary. Looking at the media landscape, queer people just don’t have that many options after which to model our own lives. It can look like a pretty narrow field of ways for a queer person’s life to turn out.”

This certainly seems like a welcome distraction from our current especially divisive political landscape. Head here to check out the second season of “The Outs” for free using the code “turkey.”

Want to see more from Goldman? Check out his other web series project, “Whatever This Is.”