The Outstanding Team, SnakeHips Took Turn-Up To Another Level At Coachella 2016!


The dynamic duo, better known as Snakehips are an explosively talented pair. Oliver Lee and James Carter have a magnetic presence in person which translates on stage as well. Sitting down between Lee and Carter in the press tent at Coachella felt like joining two old friends for a much needed catch-up. With the hit single "All My Friends" going strong their set at Coachella Valley Music Festival was sure to be a hit. Our conversation was entertaining with loads of laughter with an insight to what exactly Snakehips means. It was a great way to start off one of the best music festivals in the world.

M: You two met on a plane well not so much on a plane although you met in Hong Kong--back in the day. Your paths continued to cross, yet when did you realize musically, that collaborating was the next best step?

SH: Pretty early on, it was pretty straight away. It kind of just worked cause we don't really get in each others way or each others space.

M: No! How do you prevent getting in each others space if you're like creating together?

SH: We usually just WeTransfer things when we're working together.

M: No way?

SH: Yea, cause I could never work with anyone and Ollie could never work with anyone. I just call him up and am like hey, Im finished with this, I send it over. I'll speak with you soon. We never see each other man, this is the first time we met.

M: Ha-Ha, yes we are all meeting together for the first time. I love it!. But, do you travel together?

SH: Yea, yea-- of course we do meet up to work on things. Sometimes we WeTransfer.

M: The name SNAKEHIPS, what does that name mean to you- specifically?

SH: Honestly it's from this stupid dance move I use to do.

M: Really!

SH: Yea, I had this-- it's ages ago. I had like this pair of Levi's that were a bit too tight for me, I use to pull them up really high and do this kind of dance.

M: Like how us women put on our skinny jeans and we just wiggle in, but not like I'm calling you a woman.

SH: It was kind of disgusting. Yea, I lost a lot of friends with that-- I don't do it anymore.

M: Did you?

SH: Yea, I don't do that anymore. But, that's where the name comes from.

M: So 2015 was a big year for you guys. Congratulations, what do you think creatively clicked?

SH: It's all kind of been building up. I think just putting out our single the "All My Friends" one that really connected with people. Its kind of been building up to that point and that one kind of pushed into it's own.

M: Take me through that creative process, I love when you have an idea thats like something (up here in your head) and then you can see it tangibly manifested out. And, people are like singing to it jamming to it. How did that come to life for you?

SH: That's kind of what we wanted. We made it on a really rainy day in December-- in London. It was like a miserable time. I love that the song sounds kind of happy themed.

M: You made a happy song on like a miserable day.

SH: That was from perpetually having bad nights.

M: Bad nights, so like the whole vibe behind it was to kind of shift your mood?

SH: I don't know, yea I think we just thought it was like a relatable thing. It's kind of funny because everyone is like proper box in the club and we're just trying to have fun. It's a quite English way to look at it!! We're quite cynical people.

M: When you're in the states where do you guys like to go? What do you like to hang out and do?

SH: LA & San Francisco are some of the funnest places. I like New York they're all fun places and Austin is wicked cool. You can just like walk everywhere and theres bar along the streets. I really- really like Austin.

M: With 2015 being amazing and "All My Friends" being this massive single. What are some 2016 goals that you're like bam knocking them out of the park?

SH: Making loads more music and like working with people that we want to work with--just more of the same stuff. The avenues have opened up to work with more people.

M: Who's on your radar to work with?

SH: Man, load of people. We have got so many things that we are working on in 2016. There will be lots of cool stuff.

M: I believe it-- you guys have taken off and are blowing up. What is the vibe you want leave with after your show today?

SH: Have a nice time? Come please?

M: Ha-Ha! Come please!

SH: Make some new friends, No, its going to be loads of fun. We have tons of new lights and things its going to be really great.

Indeed it was a great show. The energy of the crowd mixed with the lights made for an amazing set in which SnakeHips proves to be ahead of their time, mixing their way to a phenomenal career.