The Overhuman

You can create happiness in moments, but fulfillment only comes from challenging yourself to rise to your potential
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What are you doing with your life?

I was never more unfulfilled than when I had no sense of direction. You can create happiness in moments, but fulfillment only comes from challenging yourself to rise to your potential, to test and develop skills and strengths -- ones that you intuit within, but that never actually exist without their being brought out.

Everyone feels the simple human optimism that tomorrow may likely bring about the change they long for. But it will not. So the sheep who buy that spend their time distracting themselves with simple pleasures so that eventually they become like living carcasses, capable of only seeking the next simple pleasure, seeking comfort through wasteland lives.

Real happiness can only come from fulfillment - the seeking out of opportunities to challenge your potential unique skills, things that make you nervous because you feel within that you can achieve them, but you know you cannot succeed unless you focus and sacrifice, and harness that will deep within -- to grow. The wasteland life runs from those signs, runs from that will into sheephood -- using simple jokes and a tedious schedule to distract him or herself from accelerating beyond the gravitational center-pull of normalcy, enslaving him/herself to short term desires, hiding from the discipline required to own his/her own name.

What wonderful thing will I accomplish today? And how will it tie in to tomorrow and tomorrow, so that I may live as the hero I want to be? And today how will I seek and find the opportunity that scares me? An opportunity that has me harness some elements within that I may cross over the bridge into the other side of my existence; the one that's begging to be unsettled, that greets the morning before the sun with a ferocious will to rise up, to inspire, to create laughter and tears from the uncovering of the magical self and the relief that I have given in to the excitingly scary, omega point pull to evolve.

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