The Palin Melt Down

Sarah Palin couldn't give a good answer to the Roe v. Wade question Katie Couric asked her?!?

Mangled, and ill informed answers on Hammas, or the Bush Doctrine, or Pakistan, we've come to expect. But on Roe v. Wade?

Sarah Palin was picked by McCain precisely in order to answer that question! She was picked so that she could sit in interviews with people like Katie Couric, and be asked about Roe v. Wade, and sigh, and say, "You know what, Katie, my youngest child, who has been the greatest blessing of our lives ... etc."

She was picked because being pro-life is the heart of her political and personal identity. She was picked to fire up the right wing evangelical base. She was picked as an emblem and champion of modern motherhood.

When they rolled her out at the convention, they cynically surrounded her with her children, including her newborn son who has Down Syndrome and her pregnant 17 year-old daughter. She and Todd were presented by the GOP like a one-family marketing drive for the pro-life movement.

And now, a month on, she can't even give a coherent answer, let alone a powerful one, to a simple question on the merits of Roe v. Wade.

The Republicans have a serious problem on their hands.