'The Parent Rap': Is Rhyming About Parenthood A Trend? (VIDEO)

It seems Jay-Z isn't the only dad rapper on the block. Parents rapping about life after baby and then sharing their tunes online seems to be a trend.

"The Parent Rap," from Bluefish TV, is the latest tune getting attention. The video features a mom and dad rapping about their daily lives -- "my PB&Js will set your world on fire, I could make you mac 'n' cheese blindfolded on a wire" -- and although it was originally uploaded to YouTube in May, it has only recently gone viral.

"Have to say this is dead on," one commenter wrote. Another added that it was "hilarious ... and realistic."

"The Parent Rap" joins a few others in this category. Last week, a dad known as Sam Deezy unleashed "Daddy Skills," a video in which he rhymes about "extra-early mornings, advanced diaper-changing technique and the ins and outs of playground etiquette."

And the rhyming sometimes starts before the baby is born. In March, a mom's LMFAO parody, "I'm Pregnant and I Know It," went viral. Before that, the Internet enjoyed a dad's rap-- to the beat of the fetal monitor -- in the delivery room.

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