<em>The Parrot's Perch</em>: Tales of Corruption and Injustice

Many times we watch movies and read books that are not true and think this could never happen. This was not the case in the novel, by Karen Keilt.
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Many times we watch movies and read books that are not true and think this could never happen. This was not the case in the novel The Parrot's Perch, by Karen Keilt.

Keilt paints a riveting picture for readers and intricately weaves tales of torture, lies, secrets and government corruption in the South American country of Brazil. Keilt's experiences and first-hand knowledge of inhumane treatment and lack of respects towards others in the country's prisons are enough to make anyone cringe.

Through her own accounts, Keilt takes readers on a journey through both the justice and political systems in Brazil, offering a small glimpse into the laws that protected government officials and prevented them from being prosecuted for their evil deeds, and crimes against humanity.

In telling her story, Keilt hopes to bring these matters to the forefront, educate others, and raise awareness for the problems that still exist in a dictatorship country.

I had the opportunity to speak with Keilt, and she informed me that a recent article on the Economist website states that President Dilma Rousseff, of Brazil, and President Barack Obama, of the United States, have taken notice of the rising problem in Brazil and corrective steps are being taken however, there remains a lot of work to be done.

When asked about her continued crusade to raise awareness, Keilt said, "It is a slow process, but if I can help in any way to bring attention to the corruption in Brazil, I will be thankful and my ordeal will have had a reason."

Today Karen Keilt is a devoted wife and mother. It took a great deal of selfless strength and courage for her to come forward and share her story with others; thankfully she has been able to do so with the continued support of her family and friends.

The Parrot's Perch is an exemplary tale of both deception and survival, and I encourage others to join Keilt's fight against government corruption. For more information you can visit The Parrot's Pearch Facebook page.

Written by Clarissa Burt with Rebekah Scott

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