The Path of Most Resistance

I, and many people who support ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬, and are against white supremacy, never advocated for the murder of 5 police officers or killing cops in general. I hate the fact that I have to keep saying that as some sort of defense, just like when people bring up ‪‎Alton‬ Sterling's criminal past or the lack of one in the case of ‪Philando Castile‬ as if that is pertinent to them being shot to death. Condolences to the families of those police officers in Dallas.

But I will also let you know that I unequivocally and wholeheartedly believe in the cause of defeating white supremacy, ‪police homicide, racism, and yes, I still believe that #blacklivesmatter. The deaths of those police officers does not change one thing. ‪‎Alton Sterling‬ and Philando Castile are still dead, ‪‎police reform still needs to happen and we need the good police officers in America to be at the forefront of this and first apologize for their incompetence and acknowledge there is a systemic problem and unfair racial disparity within the police force, and then offer solutions and implement them.

Do not hang your head, do not be ashamed and do not become distracted. When people try to levy attacks against you, pretending as if protesting racism and police brutality is the reason why these cops died, pay them no mind. When they say all lives matter and blue lives matter but have no empathy whatsoever for the countless black men, women and children, Latino men, women and children Native American men, women and children, LGBTQ and countless more that have suffered and lost their lives because of these afflictions, pay them no mind. When you realize that peace and love aren't enough, and want more than thoughts and prayers and will propose measures that offer no compromise and demand that we are treated like human beings and be equal in the eyes of the law and beyond and they label you as irrational, emotional, angry, anti-cop or anti-white, PAY. THEM. NO. MIND.

Racism is a disease that affects all of us. People will continue to die on both sides if it is not treated as such. "This is not a black issue-this is an American issue." Barack Obama