The Path To Perception

Maybe life isn't about avoiding the bruises. Maybe it's about collecting the scars to prove we showed up for it.

We can't really go around trying to nurture this perfection of an existence to ease our minds when perfection quite honestly does not exist. What advice would you give your younger self today? The advice I would give myself is not something I know that my younger self would even be ready to fully understand. And not something I'm sure my younger nieces and nephews would fully grasp today as I believe that only life experience and contrast of challenging situations provides the key to turning anything in life around in a moments notice: Perception.

We need to teach this from a young age. Exemplify it and constantly use it as a tool in life. Eventually everyone will hear it on a deeper level and realize the potential of this powerful tool regardless of their age. Because the simplicity of it can be grasped by anyone. The conditioning of what we hear and experience in the world, the media and school is what distracts most from really knowing the value of this. There is so much conflict in this world, so many people walking around angry and defensive that we aren't inherently all taught that we have this power to stop and change our perception at a moments notice.

Now of course, the younger souls know what perception is and have the ability to turn anything they view as an obstacle on their path around. But the real value is in the continuous flow of life experiences that really provide the deep contrast one needs on their path.
Tony Robbins teaches it in every seminar; when can you change your life? Right now. He always says this with a snap of his fingers.

But yet so many don't. They hold onto negative experiences and people who have hurt them for months, years, even decades. They choose not to forgive for the sake of being right in their minds. Relationships fail and families fall apart. But, for what? For the sake of being right? Because you think there is only one way in which to perceive a situation?

Perception is an incredible tool we have because everything lives in our minds. Now another key to knowing when something is about to throw you off track is to pay attention to your body. Your physiology is always telling you something.

That little gift of intuition is actually the biggest compass you have. Pay attention. For when your body starts to feel off balance that is the moment in which you need to reflect and change your perception on the subject at hand.


Perception is the way in which we view the world and our place in it. But it's a fluid concept that we have the ability to redirect by simply quieting the mind and allowing a new way in which to think settle into our existence. Let go of being right, let go of defending yourself to anyone that challenges you. Thank the universe for allowing contrast into your life. It's not conflict, it's contrast and the difference in perceiving it that way is everything.

Let others walk around righteous, angry, defensive and bitter. That is their choice.


You are wise enough to know that physiologically and psychologically that would only be damaging to the gift of each day you are living. Your power lies in your perception, the ability to reflect and the ability to quiet your mind to guide you to another way of thinking about things.

You can't change the situations you will face because you hold no power over another person's choices. Your true power is changing the way in which you think about things.

Let life guide you on your path to perception in a continuous flow. Don't allow yourself to feel upset, angry, defeated or resentful. You are way more powerful than that and have the ability to bounce back to a joyful point of view in an instant. Be grateful for every experience, always use it as a tool to grow. It's not that ignorance is bliss; it's that perception is powerful. How you feel is powerful. The energy you vibrate is powerful.

Remember this in every situation in life. At home, with your partner, driving through traffic, in a grueling meeting, interacting with a difficult co-parent, in school. Each and every day as soon as something starts to feel the slightest bit off from a healthy, joyful vibration, simply tune in and tune out the negative frequencies.

Walk the path of a positive, grateful perception and you will feel the difference and attract more of which you want in this life.