The Pay Gap Gets A Hilarious Musical Twist In 'My Unfairly Paid Lady'

It's the feminist musical parody we never knew we needed.

Who knew a musical number about the pay gap could be so catchy?

In honor of Women’s Equality Day on Aug. 26, Make It Work released a parody called “My Unfairly Paid Lady” to highlight that women are often paid less than men for the same job and that this pay gap disproportionately affects women of color. The parody is a twist on “A Hymn to Him” from the musical “My Fair Lady” and stars Jeff Perry from “Scandal,” who offers a woman named Lisa a job. When Lisa points out she’s being offered 40 percent less than eight other white men with the same job, Perry’s character says discussing wages is “impolite.” Luckily, Lisa had a spot-on response.

Make It Work

Her simple question sparks Perry’s character to burst into song (a requirement for every musical, of course) as he points out the importance of being transparent and sings, “Why can’t a woman be paid like a man?”

Make It Work

Excellent question.

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