The People Media Movement Supporters -- Day 1

I would like to thank the first bloggers to support the People Media Movement, aimed to eradicate technological roadblocks that impede clear communication between brands and their target communities.

The People Media Movement was launched with the presentation of The Social Media Policy I Followed to Drive Over 36 Million Pageviews to my client's websites including major magazines and my web properties. I have called this part of my social media policy the The Social Trinity, as it consists of 3 main points of adoption.

  1. Identifying points of exposure
  2. Identifying points of private contact
  3. Study of popular sections and previous successful campaigns on digital networks.

We aim to show brands the most conducive use of technological features on digital networks in communicating with their target communities. We also welcome the participation of administrative staffs on major social media platforms to make their digital networks as user-friendly as possible. Some recommendations can include:

  • Best practices documents that allow people to view various ways how a digital network can be used to communicate with target communities.
  • Live training sessions
  • Constant development and testing to make communication tools as user-friendly as possible.

I will continue to feature publishers here who post links to the original video and the original URL on which it was posted on their websites.

What do you think social networks should do to make their platforms as user-friendly as possible?

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