<i>The People v. The State of Illusion</i>

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What stresses you out; traffic, co workers, family members, finances, or maybe all of the above?

Daily stressors may be unavoidable but they are manageable. The People v. The State Of Illusion written and produced by Austin Vickers explores the 'change your mind, change your outcome" concept but with a different twist.

Vickers suggests that it is not enough for individuals to simply think positive in order to change their situations. Instead they need to explore what under is the surface. Stress is internally created and short term stress is a method of survival what we as humans are equipped to handle. The problem that many of us face is the long term stress that eventually takes its toll on our bodies both physically and mentally.

At some point we have all been guilty of blaming situations and circumstances on outside influences but through this enlightening film viewers are taught the importance of realizing and understanding our own perceptions versus our realities; how we appear versus who we are; living for the world versus living for ourselves.

Vickers melds together the films concepts and expert interviews as seen through the eyes of Aaron, a single father convicted of manslaughter.

After enjoying a few glasses of wine Aaron arrives at his daughter's school just in time to see her perform in the school's recital. While on their way home the duo are involved in a horrible car accident and while Aaron insists the other driver ran a red light, eyewitness on the scene report that he was the one who ran the light ultimately killing the other driver.

The theme throughout the film is breaking free from the prison of our own mind and while some may argue that underlying story is too far fetched I think it works and does a great just of painting a picture for the audience.

The bottom line, if you want to change your life, you must change the perceptions of your reality. This may seem simple, but like so many things in life, it's much easier said than done. Change is a constant pursuit, it does not happen over night, but I have made the commitment to change things that I can and break free from the prison of my own mind.

For additional information and to see a preview of the "People v. The State Of Illusion" please go to their homepage.

Written By: Clarissa Burt with Tristan Topps

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