The Perfect Breakdown Of Why White Feminism Isn't Really Feminism

"White feminism is about as feminist as Dr. Pepper is a medical doctor."

"Intersectional feminism a.k.a. actual fucking feminism.”

That's how poet and body-positive activist Rachel Wiley begins her slam poem "The Dozens." Wiley performed the poem at Women Of The World Poetry Slam in Brooklyn in March 2016. Uploaded on YouTube by Button Poetry earlier this week, "The Dozens" takes a frank look at how white feminism is a feminism that completely ignores intersectionality -- and why that's so problematic.

"White feminism is about as feminist as Dr. Pepper is a medical doctor," Wiley begins. "White feminism got itself one black friend -- Raven Simone -- calls itself intersectional and still shows up to your Halloween party in black face though."

Wiley praises Nicki Minaj for calling out Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus in 2015 on their white feminism. “[White feminism] thinks twerking is a revolution on Miley but wants to know why Nicki just won’t respect herself though," she tells the crowd.

She even adds "White feminism, what's good?" as a nod to Minaj's now-iconic clapback to Cyrus at the 2015 VMAs.

Wiley ends on a powerful note, telling the crowd: "White feminism swears she will unlock the door to equality and let us all in if we just hoist her through this window on our backs."

Way to slay and empower, Rachel.

All we have to say is:

Head over to Button Poetry to hear more from WOWPS.

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