The Perfect Fall Fad: Faux Fur Vests

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We are easily distracted, particularly since we are under contract and on deadline for our latest book in our B's on a Budget series. Today's A.D.D. moment came while re-reading a story we wrote a year ago about how important it is to avoid falling victim to spending big bucks on passing fads. We admit, the story was a little naughty, involving a devil, a dominatrix, a whip, Twitter and an angel. (Sounds like good material for Reality TV.)

Right after we read the story, we got a little anxious and started to hyperventilate. We haven't been out much lately. Although we've followed Fashion Week trends closely - what are the latest fads? Which looks are passing fancies and which have legs? (Instead of having entire shops devoted to them, we were sure Jeggings would be shrunken and gone by now.)

So, our confidence was a little shaky.

Then WHAP!

Bells rang. Lights flashed. We received 'the word'. It arrived in the form of a Tweet hustling faux fur vests.

Yes! Of course, the perfect fad. Not new, news. Not investment grade. Expendable. Could go either way: fun and playful or fugly and weird. One is never sure.

Who would want a ratty looking fake dead animal wrapped around their body for more than a season?

We decided we did, and went on the hunt for a vest that fit into our fad budget criteria. We found these three foxy fab faux furs for under $100 bucks.

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