The Perfect Gift for Mother's Day

Ignore the multimillion dollar ad campaigns for pearls, diamonds and designer bags. Forget the store bought roses, scarves and candy. Don't fret that Mother's Day is only a couple of days away and neither you nor the kids have bought anything. This year the very best gift anyone can give Mom isn't something bought at the mall or gift-wrapped. The very best gift of all is right under your very roof.

Make Mom dinner.

Figure out the menu, buy the groceries, organic when possible, and cook from scratch. Engage the kids in the kitchen and let them be an integral part of preparing this special meal.

Set the table with love by adding a budding branch found outside or pick a family heirloom found in the cabinet ... something unique that reminds you of Mom, something that can be the centerpiece of the table and the conversation. Or perhaps find a fun and different location for dinner -- a picnic in the backyard or on the living room floor. Hey maybe even dust off that dining room you rarely use!

Then sit down, as a family, with phones and TV screens turned off. And talk. Tell stories about your parents, grandparents and far-off uncles. Play a fun verbal game or two like "what I like about you" or "mom's special talent is..." Give Mom the perfect gift of "purposely being a family."

And to top it all off, yup - you guessed it, clean up, too!

Anyone and everyone can give Mom the gift of a memorable family dinner. Whip-up some dinner omelets (try tossing in chopped kale and red onions) or use your cookie cutters to make heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Great meals make great memories and she will remember this one (and so will you) long after the store bought gift has been forgotten. Because on top of all the benefits of family dinner, it spreads love too!