The Perfect Response to "How Are You?"


How often do you pass someone you know at the office and casually mutter a mutual, "How's it going" to each other only to reply with a "I'm good," or "It's okay"?

5x per day? 10x per day?

But that's just in the office. What about with family or with friends? The bottom line is that asking how someone is has more or less become the social norm to kickstart a conversation. Whether there's any real interest in how you're actually doing is debatable, but for that reason, everyone expects the responses above - how typical.

So why not keep things interesting and say,

"I'm amazing!"

I am incredible, fantastic, super, or any other bold adjective that tells the world and those around you that, "I'm amazing!"

It's funny though. If you say this enough, I bet you'll surprise yourself and begin to feel this way more often. On the flipside, the reactions you're and likely comments you'll receive will be nothing short of memorable. With everyone following habit and form muttering the same old phrases, "I'm amazing" will be your wildcard catching them off guard. Suddenly, those on the receiving end will wonder, "Why? How?"

Cue the conversation starter...

The studies supporting this are many, but from our very own anecdotal experience the uplifting effects for yourself and those around are undeniable.

Just in the past few months of making "I'm amazing!" my go-to response, I've received a free basket of peaches, free car service, free bus fare, an extra scoop of ice cream, and a whole list of other interesting perks. For those that have seen me drop this on a now-regular basis, they've gone from shaking their head in an uncomfortable yet smiling manner, to picking up this habit response for themselves (side note - it's interesting how friends shape our habits).

But this isn't about the perks. It's about improving connections with others, and when that's done right, everything gets better in our careers and in our lives.

Give this a try starting today. Keep it up for a week and drop me a tweet - I'd love to hear about your experience. Psyched just to try? Well you can tell me that too!

p.s. Here's a great video from TED about the power of smiling that loosely gave me some inspiration to make the change in my response.