The Perfect Storm Raises McCain and Could Sink Obama

Listening to Fox News and Fox Business News, it seems like we are a country in rebellion. The common sense of a nation has been lost, following a corrupt administration to the edge of anarchy. The Republican Party is revolting against its own leader and his deputies. They have backed their new leader, John McCain, into a corner. His only hope for election is to totally confuse and disrupt the legislative process and convince a majority of voters, no matter how slim, that he is actually defending them against Washington cronyism.

Clearly, Mr. Obama is bringing the most thoughtful response and presidential bearing to the current crisis. But this could backfire as McCain and the hard core conservative right respond with an outcry against Democrats and the Republican administration for racing toward an unwanted bail out plan. It's the perfect storm for the McCain camp: they get to run against the Democrats and George Bush at the same time. Bush, it seems, is grasping and responding proactively to the reality of a pending economic disaster.

But, the nation is asking, what if we do absolutely nothing. Let the market respond. Let those who go out of business, go with God. Those who lose their houses because they got suckered into sweetheart deals by crafty lenders, so be it. Tough luck. Millions homeless. Great, they might think. They can fill the jobs of the illegal immigrants when they all go home.

That's the future of a country when a minority manipulates public perceptions through well-constructed propaganda that is deployed with just one goal in mind – retain presidential power for another four years. Take control of the Supreme Court, which will continue to impose their right wing will for decades ahead. The job is not done. We need four more years.

Who are we? What is this nation made of? What do we stand for as a people? That's what we are voting about in this election. Can we accept another president who – no matter how much he protests that he's a maverick – proves otherwise every day? Can we accept a vice president who will make both Spiro Agnew and Dan Quayle look acceptable? Republicans have a way of giving us some of recent history's most memorable vice presidents. Perhaps we can accept this president. Perhaps a majority of Electoral College votes will deny the nation's real will and temperament.

If the Republicans succeed in November, they will be giving us and the world a clear message. A McCain/Palin victory will proclaim that a minority of Americans has risen up, rebelled and taken control of the United States of America and will continue to impose their vision of worldwide dominance, global greed and a conservative Supreme Court.

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