The Performance Of The Century: Trump's Press Conference

Donald Trump has launched attacks on the media before, that is not news. However, today was a no holds barred match to the death which left the world wondering what soap opera is about to be replaced by “Days Of Our Trump”. A common card that Trump likes to play is that the media is “fake news” and that they are constantly reporting falsehoods, and are set on opposing him. Having feelings like that, one would think that those notions would imply that you fact check everything you say. Donald Trump doesn’t quite get that:

Here he is telling us that his administration is “running like a fine tuned machine”. Funny, I typically wouldn't consider having to fire his National Security Adviser three weeks after being in office, counseling his Counselor, Kellyanne Conway, and being forced to pick a new Secretary of Labor nominee after his first corrupt choice is forced to withdraw, “fine tuned.”

Here he is lying about having the biggest Electoral College win in American history based on, what seems to be, alternative facts.

Here is he is doing a lot of foolish things. Let’s start with him not knowing what the Congressional Black Caucus actually is. After displaying that to the American people, he then lies about the CBC refusing to meet with him because of “politics”; a statement that was recently refuted by a tweet released by the CBC. What could Donald Trump do to make this situation worse? Ask one of the few African-Americans in the audience if they were friends with the members of the CBC and to ask HER to set up a meeting.

Here is a great summation of him being disrespectful, immature, and unprofessional while doing what he does best: deflect!