The Perils of Too Much Technology

“The things people want are love, connection, and purpose.” Mallika Chopra

Life is hard enough but it can be even more challenging if you do not have love, connection, and purpose. People search all over for these things but the truth is they come from within and our overuse of technology is making them more elusive than ever.

Love “Love yourself first” is a mantra of mine and is often played out in my work as a Health Coach for moms. Love is one of the most extraordinary and satisfying experiences a human can have. It is an intense feeling of deep affection and is a necessary part of life. Unfortunately, our growing addiction to technology and social media can often deplete the satisfaction we get from feeling loved.

Sure it’s great to have 75 people say “Happy Birthday” on Facebook but true love comes from those we interact with in person. Love is touch, conversations seeing expressions, and the experience of sharing the emotion with someone else. All are things technology simply can’t provide and our excessive use of technology takes away time & focus from which we could be with someone.

Connection To me connection is the most obvious way technology affects our health. Technology provides connection but in a sneaky isolating way. The use of e-mail, text messages, and social media all have decreased the intimacy, communication, and overall interactions we have with others which are vital to human existence. The time we devote to these activities instead of simply talking to the person sitting across from you at the table could be spent in a much more fulfilling way.

Face to face interaction is a basic need in its most primal form and is being met less and less as technology use increases.

Purpose One thing technology does do is put the world at your fingertips, literally, but that also leads to information overload and increased anxiety. For example, when I give my toddler too many options he is confused, stressed, and it often leads to a meltdown. No fun! As adults, we have the same internal response we can just slightly manage our emotions better. Whether you are trying to find a new job, buy an outfit, or make a dinner reservation for date night, too much information makes the decision that much harder. I know for me, it makes perfectionism paralysis truly come to life and I can’t make any decisions at all because I’m fearful of making the wrong one.

When it comes to feeling a sense of purpose in life technology can make it harder to feel self-assured in the decisions you have made.

My media use has affected my sleep, health, and overall ability to focus. Lately, I’ve been feeling stressed, drained, overwhelmed, and exhausted from too much technology in my life and I regret that it’s taken away from time with my family. That’s exactly why I created my 48 Hour Digital Detox launching December 5th & 6th. Two days of disconnecting to connect and plug more into myself for greater mind body connection. I can’t wait for the results and invite you to join me!

Until then, I encourage you to eliminate technology use for just 30 minutes a day to start. You will be amazed to see and feel what’s actually going on in the world right in front of you.

With lots of love and gratitude,

Phyllis of Well Woman

Certified Holistic Health Coach and Founder

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