The PhilAIsopers Song


Sung to the tune of Monty Python's, Bruce's Philosophers Song
Words by John C. Havens

Turing's test caused wide unrest,
Is Siri a machine or our silicon mistress?

Minsky surmised, we're mechanically comprised,
Man and Bot are the same, we don't need your stupid test.

John Searle replied, it's a Chinese Room inside,
It's a program not consciousness.

"The Singularity, meanwhile," says Ray Kurzweil,
"Gives us 30 years at best."

There's nothing Deep Mind cannot rule by observation and brute force.
Algorithmic-ally speaking, they're the techno Trojan Horse.

Watson's recent spree on Jeopardy,
Brought us cognitive computing on national TV.

Elon Musk, has some issues with the trust
Of existential risk combined with technocratic lust.

Steven Hawking, Steven Hawking, as of late has started squawking, "Colleagues, lets be gents. And align our goals to provably controlled, Su-per Intelligence."

It's easier to build stuff without ethics, yes it's true.
But we need to do it now or humanity is screwed.