The phony (A Latino betraying Latinos)

He's Marco Rubio, republican Senator for the state of Florida. Son of Cuban immigrants, he aspired for the presidency of the United States, but was defeated by Trump. At the time, he harshly attacked -- even with mockery (or jokes) -- the tycoon's intention to build a wall on the border with Mexico. But after months, and having Trump already become the 45th president of the United States, Rubio's positions have changed, and he is today one of the wall's strongest supporters.

During one of the most heated debates of the Republican contest, back in February 2016, Rubio criticized Trump's wall, and even took the luxury of making mockery with it. "If you build a wall the same way you erected the Trump Towers, you will be using illegal immigrants to do so." But a year later, the senator of Cuban origin had changed his speech completely. At a press conference in January 2017, he became one of the first legislators to support the anti -- immigrant measure of the new U.S. president: " I have always believed that we need a physical barrier (...) It will work to canalize, not is it only due to people, it is also because of drugs and everything else", he said.

Such discursive claudication confirms what Trump said about Rubio during the same republican internal: "He's a phony." Something that, in view of events, proved to be true, by finishing off the Florida senator, saying: "He is a specialist in crashing down when put under pressure." Of course, this can be displayed with the issue of the border wall. And so, who can believe a politician of such nature?

Marco Rubio, a professional politician, is the representation of what Karl -- not Karl Marx, but Groucho, the comedian -- said with such vehemence: " These are my principles, if you don't like them, I have others." A slogan that may very well represent the senator's upcoming electoral aspirations. One must doubt the mood (which, in this case, means: shamelessness) that the republican will assume while seeking the latino community's vote again, when one day he bashes the wall, and the next he fervently supports it.

Such Latino community, much of which has settled in Florida, holds bonds of love with family and friends beyond the border of the United States, subjected to humiliation under the tightening of immigration policies of the trump regime. These policies imply suffering for Latinos due to their denied access to the U.S. and to the humiliations they would be exposed to at airports, or at the border in their intent to reach U.S. grounds ( o territory, como m[as the guste). Well, for this, they can thank senator Rubio, thus, a latino betraying latinos.

This all reminds me of the Mexican revolutionary, Emiliano Zapata's words: "They, to please some tyrants for a bunch of pennies, or bribery, they are betraying and shedding the blood of their brothers."

One hundred years after, at the north of Mexican land, over the wall, there is a Cuban-American senator who faithful represents that description.