The Pizza Diet: Matt McClellan, Cyclist, Loses 24 Pounds By Eating Only Pizza (VIDEO)

The Pizza Diet: For Real?

Matt McClellan may be an athlete and may own a pizza shop, but the former isn't why he lost weight, and the latter isn't why he's plugging pizza.

McClellan just wants America to know that pizza is "healthier than other fast food." And he's not saying that to sell pizza, which he claims "sells itself."

"Pizza is not junk food. We just need to eat it different[ly]. We're trained to eat it wrong -- we're trained to eat a whole large pizza at midnight with a two liter of soda and fall asleep," he told ABC.

By eating a slice of pizza every three hours and working out for one hour, McClellan dropped 24 pounds and five inches of waistline.

He is spreading his story, and diet, through his bike "tour de pizza," a 30-day bike tour that started in Florida and will end on July 4th in Times Square. In accomplishing this feat, he hopes to relieve the stigma associated with pizza, as well as challenge America to aim for a healthier lifestyle.

"If I can ride my bike to New York, come on America, you can spend one hour a day getting healthier," he said.


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