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The Plank: Your Powerful Workout Ally

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Your key to a hot, solid body? Hardcore planking, of course! Planks actually strengthen your core better than any crunch will, and there are so many variations of the exercise that your body should never get used to the move -- that's the "Power of the Plank," as we like to call it.

The Underwear Expert has compiled a list of different ways you can spice up your planking routine, just for your summer beach bod:

1.) The Traditional Plank: Perfect for those who have never tried planking before, this old-school move definitely gets the job done.

2.) Rocking Plank: This move is just as it sounds -- get into a traditional plank position, and rock back and forth on your toes.

3.) Side Plank: This Power of the Plank variation is reminiscent of an old 1980s-esque workout video -- you have to lie on your side, with your legs straight, lifting yourself onto your elbows, until your legs no longer touch the floor; then, you hold the position for 30 seconds. Repeat on the opposite side.

4.) Backward Plank: This one works out your booty, back, and nearly every muscle.

We recommend increasing each move by 15 seconds as you progress.

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Have you tried any of these planking moves? If so -- what did you think?

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