The Social Hazards Of Taking A Digital Detox, Explained

The Social Hazards Of Taking A Digital Detox, Explained

Believe it or not, there are some of us who have actually heeded the ubiquitous advice to unplug and recharge. The benefits, after all, can't be ignored: Studies have shown that those who unplug every once in a while will get better sleep, be less stressed and have more fun! Unplugging can also help you to be more mindful, which will keep you in touch with your inner thoughts and help you to live in the present moment.

Sounds great, right?

Well, while we definitely encourage all you screen addicts to try it, those of us who love to ditch our devices also know that there's a fine line between unplugging and disappearing off the face of the earth.

Below, we present, the trials and tribulations of straying from your smartphone:

While you’re enjoying the benefits of a little time away from your phone, not being able to get in touch may upset your loved ones.

And when you finally do text them back, they might want nothing to do with you, you absent fool.

Leaving the Internet behind for just a few hours means being painfully out of the loop on pop culture happenings.

On the bright side, your Instagram is an infinite feed of new pictures every time you open it.

Unfortunately, you have a mere 32 followers since you post maybe once a week.

Going to a new restaurant without knowing its Yelp score might sound like an exciting adventure -- but be prepared to learn that Yelp exists for a reason.

Your weekends are relaxing as all get out, but you won't have a workweek for long if you miss enough of your boss's emails.

But an informative out-of-office note can go a long way, as can reminding your coworkers that having time to recharge improves productivity in the long run.

After a relaxing technology hiatus, returning to normal life can be really hard.

But even though you love to escape from it every now and again, you have to admit that your smartphone can make life a whole lot easier sometimes.

In the end, it's all about balance.

You got this.

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