The Plot Against Barack Obama

House Speaker John Boehner -- oops, I meant minority leader! -- simply stated the obvious today when he told Sean Hannity that he and other Republicans will "not compromise" with President Obama. Of course they won't. Their objective all along has been to destroy his presidency, and the next two years are going to make the first two look like they were playing tiddlywinks. Even an impeachment trial is not out of the question.

Darrell Issa, who would head the House oversight committee in the event of a Republican victory, has, as Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post recently noted, proclaimed that Obama's is the most corrupt administration in history. Meanwhile, Republican staffers from the Senate intelligence committee, as the Wall Street Journal reported, have already headed to Germany, France, and other countries to investigate the administration's handling of sending detainees from Guantanamo to host countries. It's an obvious fishing expedition to try and prove that Obama is recklessly soft on terror. Look for a lot more of the same in the next two years.

Obama, who entered office proclaiming comity with the GOP, never served in the House. Had he witnessed the actions of the House Republicans up close, he might have learned a few lessons up close and personal about their approach. Instead, Obama continues to insist that cooperation should be possible, no matter the outcome of the election.

Boehner says it isn't. And as Michael Tomasky has suggested in the New York Review of Books, Republicans may gear up to try and impeach Obama. Short of that, they will continue to attempt to destroy his presidency. But Obama will have to recognize that he faces a destructive opposition before he can begin to save his presidency.