The Poem "Angelina Jolie"

2016-04-19-1461031025-8670277-1024pxAngelina_Jolie_2010_2.jpgCreative Commons via Wikimedia, Angelina Jolie in 2010, photo by Gage Skidmore

I wrote this poem in 2012, and it first appeared on Youtube. She seems to be going through a rough time and hopefully this will help uplift her spirits.

Angelina Jolie

O Ravishing Deity
What divine right of beauty dost thou possess! Flemish paintings
And Ravenna mosaics genuflect to thy castrating-amorous
Lips of noblesse and to thine inebriating
Orbs of bewitching Highness──
And thy voice! It be seduction melodious beyond
Time's eery infinity-finite. To listen to it be
Joyous trumpet of Christian-Israelite.
Thy face be more breath-thieving than
Gothic castle ruins come to life:
One of such ecstasy that dying of the Alchemist
Curse be nary a tragedy of evil woe-strife.

O Mother-Savior
Thy loveliness blossoms beyond Nordic Tulips
And Celtic Roses that shalt ever be seen
When Baroness becomes Mother and Noblewoman
Becomes Children's Protectress-Queen──
Mother Isis thee be! Earth Mother thou art! Gently
Embrace with thy bust and suckle with thine heart,
Bringing balm and succor to those without love so they
Too may know such rapture not exist just above.
──Yet, to take into bosom our orphan-son from Great
Want and Need, this be thy sainthood and our
Most Buddha of Christ-living creeds.

O Angelic Messenger
Maharani of Compassion──Sultana of the Poor──
Czarina to the Downtrodden and Dispossessed!
Thou art beyond Luther's imagined grace
And the Pontiff's infallible words
When thine ache be heard for thy
Long-suffering Tribesmen-Kurds.
To cry for Angkor Wat's blind and deaf, to weep for
Mother Continent's leper-lame, how thy naked
Heart untamed be of epic fabled fame.
Mercy to the cottageless and pity for ignorant beast-paupers
Of Civilisation's sins, this be our longing and thy being
Of most pious of pining from most deepest within.

O Temptress-Mirage
──Yet, what if this phantasm be merely eyeless willful
Deceit, masking but brutish-lust thirst?
And what if this simply be wishful world-dream and
Only Chimeric rhyme and vaporous verse?
Veiled illusions be our heroic-romantic
Gods of dewy-eyed past──
Yet, do we not still dine on legendary
Pagan idols that shalt never last?
Aye! Life be fantasy of the unreal if ever thou wert,
Still, who would live without shadows and
Mirrors be foredoomed to liberty's
Most anguishing of hurt.
So pay homage by worshiping in awe our ancient goddess without
Mortal sin-shame, even though we be wisdom to inevitable
Dousing of sacred-eternal majestical charlatan flame.

The first part of the poem talks about her beauty, the second part about her motherhood, the third part about her charity work, and the last part mentions how this might only be a fantasy but that is okay because we need such dreams to help us make through this life.