The Point of No Return in Love

Perhaps there is a point of no return when it come to matters of the heart.

Recently I wrote about the power of instant connections. I expressed that once in awhile there is a certain pull towards another person that is seemingly unwarranted and most importantly unexpected.

A pull towards a beautiful connection with a person that we have just met. A pull that takes our breath away and spirals into a "can't get enough of each other other, binge hang out session" followed by a detox period to catch our breath.

Love or intoxicating spontaneity becoming the looming question that quickly becomes paired with undisclosed and somewhat uncertain intricate emotions in tail...

So what happens next?

Recently someone told me that there have been times in their life when they have had to stop themselves from saying 'I love you' in a moment of spontaneous, heartfelt longing before the timing was right..

This idea, paired with my recent encounters with binge hang out sessions and risky attachment, made me ponder the idea of the point of no return in matters of the heart and love.

New love is risky, for so many reasons, but most importantly for the most obvious reason that falling for someone you barely know has the potential for disaster. Feasible, unintentional let downs from both parties involved are made possible by the moments of quiet wonder and exploration shared together before a safety net is set up.

As I have continued to live into the spontaneous moments that have presented themselves over the last few months, regardless of the risk, I am once again lovingly reminded that it is all much bigger than we are.

In this life we all have choices to make. We have the ability to choose who we love, when we love and how hard we love without putting limits on our energy.

Pressure in it's rawest form.

We can attempt to control the situations that present themselves, pretend we know what we are doing when it comes to matters of the heart. Or, we have a choice to relax into the knowledge that while we think we know what we are doing, there is something bigger at work than our individual desires.

And all we have control over is the choices that we make.

With love we have a choice to walk forward regardless of the risk of falling, knowing that if we do fall, we do so because we are supposed to...

A beautiful life full of bruised knees and no regrets.

We all grasp for what decisions we are going to make when it comes to falling in love and staying in a relationship, regardless of how long the relationship has lasted. This is universal, a common denominator in us all, a longing for a connection that grounds us in the greater story of love.

Some set limits while others dive in, both with the vulnerable and hazardous risk of forgetting to look up to see the life that is playing out around them.

Bringing us to the idea of the point of no return...

When it comes to love, to dating, to intense feelings, the question is this... when is the point of no return? The time when you say "no way, i'm out" or, instead, "I have no idea what is ahead but it seems better than what I could ultimately be leaving behind?"

The latter involving so much more than what many are capable of giving... and rightly so.

True love is not for the faint of heart.

The blind journey of the heart that lies beyond the point of no return, often holds too much pressure in a world that is typically more focused on getting ahead in individualistic based passions than falling head over heals in love.

So, perhaps that is the answer in full circle. The understanding that there is, seemingly, a point of no return, but, indeed, when we reach that point doesn't seem to be the most important matter at hand...

Some will reach it within days and others it may take years. Whatever the case, what seems to carry more weight is the understanding that we have the ability to choose what is next in our journeys, and it is within making that choice that we will see that it was already set out before us.

Waiting for our attention to the paths we were destined for.

Our choices and the divine fate dancing together to create a beautiful story of love, exploration and in the end, adoration.

All in their own timing.