The Point That Everyone Is Missing With This Trump Photo Controversy

American exceptionalism should not stop at reality.

On Friday, the internet all but ecstatically quaked over side-by-side photos posted by Observer writer Dana Schwartz.

The image showed two photos of President Trump bidding farewell to the Obamas as they boarded a helicopter on their way out of the White House. Schwartz claimed that the new commander-in-chief’s hands had been digitally enlarged in the official White House version. 

Because she used two different photos that were taken from two different angles and distances, the original tweet wasn’t terribly convincing.

That didn’t stop the internet from becoming “CSI: Twitter.”

People used overlays and animations to prove or disprove the theory that the White House photo was doctored. In the end, though, it appeared not to have been altered, and the whole frenzy amounted to a silly internet brain fart. 

But isn’t this missing the point? 

Is this what American Photoshopping has amounted to? This isn’t Russia, where people photoshop tiny watches off wrists, nor is it North Korea, where the government adds missile capabilities it doesn’t have to appear more menacing.

This is America, motherf**kers. And American exceptionalism doesn’t stop at visual reality. 

Let’s say that, hypothetically, President Trump had his hands Photoshopped to appear bigger in photos. Is that the best we can hope for from our leaders?

We at HuffPost Comedy believe we can do a hell of a lot better to show the world how f**king great America is, both outside and in Photoshop.

Now this is more like the photos red-blooded Americans want to see hanging in the White House.