Police Reunion? Andy Summers Talks The Band's Future

With hits like "Roxanne" and "Don't Stand So Close to Me," The Police is one of the most iconic British rock bands. The group, made up of rock legend Sting, Andy Summers, and Stewart Copeland, formed in the late '70s and quickly rose to fame, aided by their hit record, "Synchronicity," which went eight times platinum.

The Police went on hiatus in the mid-'80s, which ended up leading to the band breaking up. Decades later, they got back together for a reunion tour in 2007.

According to Sting, that reunion tour was a one-time thing. "It wasn't easy. There was nothing new in it -- no new songs, no new energy, no desire to take that as a platform and move somewhere else," he said in an interview with Contact Music. "People reacted to The Police coming back as if mum and dad had got together, you could see that emotion in the audience. But who really wants to go and live with the wife you divorced? I won't do it again. But I don't need to I've done it now."

But he may be the only one that feels that way.

"I never say never about anything; the world is strange, so who knows," Summers said in an interview with Billboard. "Surely if you're human, there's a little part of you that wants this great stuff to carry on."

"You can't simplify it," he goes on to explain. "It's a mix of 'Thank God it's over' and 'Why are we stopping?' But it does end and you get on with your life again and let it fade away."

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