The Politics of Fashion | The Fashion of Politics (VIDEO)


Fashion and politics may be strange bedfellows, but they definitely go together. "Design," observes Shauna Levy, the president of the Design Exchange, "is a view-finder, if you will. It's a way in which to look at political events, it's a way to look at what's happening in society, and a way in which to look at history." In this video post, I talk to her about the Design Exchange's provocative new show, co-curated by Jeanne Beker and Sara Nickelson, "The Politics of Fashion, The Fashion of Politics."

I also speak to Frank Toskan, co-founder of MAC Cosmetics, who will be honored at the DX's upcoming fundraiser, and who has lived out the marriage of fashion and politics in his own life and career. Toskan didn't just break the mold as an entrepreneur--he changed the world. "My partner Frank Angelo and I were rebellious kids and we grew up to be rebellious adults," he tells me. "We fought for the things we believed in. We fought for our community and I think it came back to us."


The Design Exchange annual party celebrating all things creative is on November 7, 2014.


Event photos in video, photo credit: Ryan Emberley