The Pope Rapping Meme Is Back And Better Than Ever

#PopeBars has the pope laying down the best raps in the game.

There’s nothing like a dank (and vaguely sacrilegious) meme to get your week started on the right foot.

The hashtag #PopeBars was resurrected this weekend after Pope Francis was photographed talking to reporters aboard a plane flying from Cairo to Rome.

The public seems to thoroughly enjoy how Francis holds a microphone, something that was first noticed in fall 2015, when the #PopeBars meme first began.

Francis’ manner of holding a mic appears strikingly similar to a rapper’s, making it look like the religious leader is, uh, dropping bars.

The subsequent memes looked like this:

This time around, Francis was photographed talking about the very serious topic of mediating the current dispute between North Korea and Washington.

But, yet again, the photograph is what caught Twitter’s attention. Let’s get papal:

Dang. We’d see the pope in concert FOR SURE.

Pope Battles The Wind