The Pope's Dope


Sure the Pope is dope and he's addressing the United Nation's about how the war on drugs is not dope. Lest the double entendre confuse you more, the take-away from today's news is ANY dope conversation is an instant news hook. So, whether you're dope or on dope, that's of interest to media friends.

I blog about how to have "aha" moments in your journaling and reflections so you can not only make a difference with your personal chit chat, but you can also make a mark with our public and professional conversations.

It's easy to roll: 1) Lay out the news. 2) Sprinkle in your own sound bites, stats and stories. 3) Fire it up in a pitch. 4) Share it with media, community leaders and others who can make a difference for all of us.

Let's see who is on dope or who is dope in the headlines now:

  • Pope Francis lights up the world by visiting Ground Zero,
  • Speaker John Boehner gets emotional, stays bold (btw, any man who cries is dope), and
  • India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, visits Shark Tank.
  • Attorney Brian Perkins suing testosterone drug manufacturers,
  • Interest rates to rise, again, according to Janet Yellen,
  • FIFA President Sepp Blatter gets probed due to scandal, and
  • Now your oranges in scandal akin to drug lords as a Florida man harvests citrus illegally - 4 million pounds of your oranges, lemons, grapefruits and such. How will you get your Vitamin C this flu season? The black market?
So, when the kids around you call something dope or you read about a public person on dope, that's a news story. Write down your reflections and if you're a public person yourself, make a difference for our community at large by finding solutions to stay dope or get off dope.